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Raluca is the Bronze Medallist on the beam and with her team at the 2010 European Championship. She also won the Bronze in the All Around at the 2011 Glasgow Greand Prix. Raluca competed with her team at the 2010 World Championship, finishing in 4'th place and in 9'th place in the All Around.

You may also recognize her from the 2004 documentary "Secret of Deva", where "Pitic" was one of the main characters in.

Check around this website to learn more about Raluca!

Training video
On the website Observatorulph.ro you can find an interview with the Romanian coach, Octavian Bellu (made by Cătălin Stavri).
The video also contains recent images from the girls training.

Posted on Jun 11 2011.

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Sweet Raluca
Posted on Jun 10 2011.

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Raluca and Cristian have won in Brno!!!


Saturday, May 28, the competition which we talked about last week too place in Brno, a competition which Romania won for the first time in 2002 through Andreea Răducan and Marian Drăgulescu, and again yesterday through Raluca Haidu and Cristian Bățagă.
The competition took place in three rounds, after each round leaving fewer teams in the competition.

In the first round, Raluca competed on the uneven bars and floor, getting a score of 13.400(D 5.7) and 14.050 (D 5.3) respectively, and Cristian chose to compete on floor and rings for a score of 14.400 (D 5.7) and 13.600 (D 5.7) respectively, together getting a score of 55.450 points, qualifying in first place.

In the second round there were eight pairs left, each contestant having to choose another apparatus to compete on for getting to the final round, where only the four best pairs competed. Thus, Pitic chose to compete on beam where she got a score of 13.650 (D 5.8) and Cristian chose the pommel horse getting a score of 13.800 (D 5.8); total score of 27.450 qualifying them to the final in second place behind the Czech pair of Kristýna Pálešová and Martin Konečný, but in the final they were able to capitalize on their chance and win the competition.

In the final the competition started from zero, every participant being able to choose a single apparatus they are best on. Pitic risked it a little choosing beam, on which she fell on in the second round, but in the final she got a score of 14.500 (D 5.9), with almost a point better. Cristian chose vault, thus getting the highest score of the competition, 15.500 for the first vault (D 6.2), and for the second vault choosing something easier (D 5.4) getting a score of 14.800, getting an average of 15.100, good enough for putting the team on first place, half a point difference from the second place team.

The results can be viewed below:

Here you can find the full list of results.
Posted on May 30 2011.

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Video from Toulouse


Some videos from the competition which took place last weekend in France have started to appear on the internet, out of which one is with her routine on the uneven bars and two tumbles on floor. You can watch them below:

Posted on May 30 2011.

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French championships

Friday, May 20, the French championships team finals took place in France, competition where 13 countries were invited to compete, out of which Romania as well.

Raluca Haidu, Larisa Iordache and Daniela Andrei were part of the team from Dijon, getting first place along with three representatives of the hosting nation: Sophia Serseri, Laurie Antoniazzi and Julie Roemer. The team got a total score of 220.500 points, 17 points more than the second place team - Avoine/Beaumont en Veron (203.300) and 25 points more than the third place team, St. Etienne (195.050).

Pitic had the second highest all around score, 57.400 ( VT 14.850, UB 14.250, BB 14.300, FX 14.000) being surpassed by her teammate, Larisa Iordache, who got a total of 58.800 points.

You can see the full list of team results here,and the individual one, here.

Congratulations Pitic! Keep it up, without falls and be sure of yourself!
Posted on May 23 2011.

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Grand Prix Brno 2011

On May 28, 2011, the Brno Grand Prix will take place in the Czech Republic, a mixed competition, in pairs, where Romania will be represented by Raluca Haidu and Cristian Bățagă. In 2002, the team made of Andreea Răducan and Marian Dragulescu won first place.

Below you can see the list of participants:

1. Raluca Haidu and Cristian Bățagă ROU
2. Valeria Maksuita and Nir Katz ISR
3. Angelina Kysla and Maksim Semiankiv UKR
4. Luca Divéky and Nándor Szabó HUN
5. Valentina Rashkova and Velislav Valchev BUL
6. Gabriela Janik and Adam Rzepa POL
7. Weronika Wozniak and Lukaz Barkowski POL
8. Laura Svilpaite and Rokas Guscinas Litva
9. Christine Meixner and Matthias Schwab AUT
10. Jasmin Mader and Alexander Leidlmair AUT - Tirol
11. Petra Krcovnik and Andaz Lamut SLO
12. Fiona Novak and Alen Dimic SLO
13. Kristýna Pálešová and Martin Konečný CZE
14. Alice Jáňová and Richard Bráblík CZE – ČOS
15. Jessica Diacci and Slavomír Michňak SUI + SVK
16. Tünde Csillag and Mathias Decker HUN + AUT
17. Adina Hausch and Petr Smejkal GER + CZE
18. Jana Šikulová and Fabian Leimlehner CZE + AUT
Posted on May 23 2011.

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The secret of Deva
An amazing film with Pitic when she was only 8 and her teammate Mălina Săvoaia, 9 years old, who unfortunately retired due to health problems.

If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching!

Posted on May 23 2011.

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Revista Tare! Second Edition

The first magazine dedicated to Romanian gymnasts was published last year in December and it was a great success, pleasing many fans of this sport.

I now have the opportunity to announce that today, the second edition of this magazine has been published and in it you will find a very special interview with Anamaria Tămîrjan, a special interview with the junior gymnasts who are training at Deva smile but also other articles and interesting interviews.

The second edition of this magazine can be downloaded here,and if you didn't see yet the first issue of the magazine, you'll find it, here.

An interview about the launch of the interview can be read on Fangymnastics
Posted on May 23 2011.

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More videos from Glasgow
The entrance:

The warm-up:

Posted on May 23 2011.

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Videos from Glasgow

Uneven bars:

Balance Beam:


Posted on May 23 2011.

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